There are several ways to make children learn about stories in the bible. As a  parent or guardian, after reading the bible stories for your kids, one way to facilitate learning, or make it fun is through riddles and rhymes. Are you finding it hard to develop riddles yourself, or running out them altogether? We have helped collate some bible riddles for kids in this article.

Let’s dive in!


Who was the cleverest man in the bible?

I am sure you will say Solomon, but don’t forget it is a riddle. So think of something fun and try to connect the dots. We would say Abraham was the cleverest man. Looking confused? Abraham was the cleverest man because he knew a “Lot.” Remember Abraham’s nephew, Lot? The word ‘Lot’ is used for quantification or metric for measurement.

How many animals did Abraham take along with him into the ark?

Remember the story of the Ark when God was ready to destroy the earth because of the wicked ways of its creation. Out of the humans in the world, Abraham was the only one who was good and just. He instructed him to build an ark in preparation for the flood that was coming. Remember, God asked Abraham to take different animals in pairs, male and female. Wrong! It wasn’t Abraham that God sent; it was Noah.  

Where was the first place we mentioned insurance in the bible?

Are you surprised? This is a tough one, right? Insurance wasn’t even mentioned in the bible. It was mentioned! You did not pay attention. You have to pay more attention next time you are reading. Insurance was first mentioned in the bible by Adam and Eve. Is it coming to you now? That was a clue! Remember, in the garden of Eden, when God was visiting in the evening after Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit. God asked them why they were hiding; Adam and Eve said they needed more coverage.

Which man in the bible was born but had no parents?

Is it possible to be born with no parents? Yes, it is possible. The bible is full of miracles and wonders, right? Don’t say Jesus Christ of Nazareth because you are wrong. Think deeper! If you don’t know, it means only one thing. You have not been reading your bible lately. Pick up your bible again and check the book of Joshua, Joshua, the son of Nun. Have you got that? Joshua, the son with no parents!

When the flood was over, how many people went out of the ark before Noah

Your answer here will help us know if you read your bible well. God flooded the earth for 40 days in the book of Genesis. After the flood was over, if you paid attention, only three people came out of the ark before Noah. The bible says Noah went “forth” out of the ark. That’s to say Noah allowed three people out of the ark before him. Little details in the bible matters. Pay more attention.

Who was the fastest runner in the bible?

The bible is full of talented people. Samson was the strongest; he killed a lion with his bare hands. Gideon was the bravest; he won a battle with 300 soldiers. Adam was the fastest runner in the bible because he was the first in the human race.

“Who am I” Riddles

In this section of riddles, you are to answer the question, “who am I?”

  1. I killed a bear and a lion with my bare hands. I killed a very tall man with a sling and small stone. I became King after many years of running. Who am I?

I am David.

  1. I named all the animals in a garden. I was the first man alive. My home was a garden full of different foods and fruits. 

I am Adam.

  1. God told me to build a very big boat. I preached to people to change their ways and join me in the ark. I have three children- Shem, Ham, and Japheth.

I am Noah.

  1. We refused to bow down to the idols of a King. The King threw us into a big fire. We were three. We were not scared but praised the name of God. We were in the big fire, but nothing happened to us.

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego.

  1. I was born a dreamer. My father bought a fine coat which had many colors. I was my father’s favorite. My brother hated me. My brothers sold me into slavery. I became a prime minister in Egypt.

I am Joseph.

  1. I had no child until I was old. I laughed when the angel of the Lord told me I would conceive. My husband was a faithful man who worked with God. My name starts with “S” and ends in “H.”

I am Sarah.

  1. I am a man. I denied Jesus three times. God forgave me my sins. I was one of Jesus’ disciples. I went to prison, and God rescued me through an angel.

I am Peter.

  1. I had my first son at a manger in Bethlehem. My husband was a carpenter. The name of my first son was Jesus. He healed the sick, raised the dead, preached the gospel, and died on the cross of Calvary to save the world from their sin.

I am Mary.

  1. I am a man. God told me to deliver a message to the people of Nineveh. I didn’t want to go because I wanted to go somewhere else. A big fish swallowed me. I slept in the stomach of the fish for three days, but the fish didn’t eat me. Who am I?

I am Jonah.

  1. My mum put me in a basket to save my life. I grew up in the palace. I save the Israelites from Egypt. God used me to part the red sea. I took the Israelites to the promised land, but I did not see it. Who am I?

I am Moses.