Fun Riddles About Common Objects

Everyone loves a good riddle. Riddles can be a fun way to tease your brain. They can also keep you up at night, obsessing over the answer. Irrespective of the side of the fence you’re sitting on, here are some fresh “object riddles” we found.

How correctly can you guess the object they’re hinting about?


Riddle 1

I go around the yard but do not move?

A fence


Riddle 2 

I go up and down, but I don’t move?

A staircase


Riddle 3

What gets larger, the more you take away from it?

A hole


Riddle 4

I fasten two people yet touch only one?

A wedding ring


Riddle 5

What travels around the world and yet stays in a corner?

It’s a stamp


Riddle 6

I get wetter the more I dry. What am I?



Riddle 7

I have teeth but no mouth. What am I?

A saw


Riddle 8 

I can fill a room, yet occupy no space. What am I?



Riddle 9

I am a piece of wood that is kingly. What am I?

A ruler


Riddle 10

What do you fill with empty hands?



Riddle 11

What do you serve, but neither eat nor drink?

A tennis ball


Riddle 12

I have a foot on either side s of me, and one in the centre. What am I?

A yardstick


Riddle 13

What bath can you take without water?

A sunbath


Riddle 14

I can be put on the table, cut, but I can never be eaten. What am I?

 A deck of cards

Were those a bit too easy? Why don’t you try some of our rhymes? They are quite catchy and will leave you puzzling the answer while you hum the tune.


Riddle 15

 Although this thing has a spine

It doesn’t have a face

Although it is not clothing

It gets stored in a case.


A book


Riddle 16

Sometimes to get inside a door

All you need to do is knock

Other times you will need this thing

So, the door you can unlock.


A key


Riddle 17

If you’re sitting on me

Then paper you will need

I’m always getting flushed

When you have a pressing need


A toilet


Riddle 18

This small kitchen appliance

Gets pushed down and then it starts

It’s used for slices of bread

Or for heating Pop-Tarts


A toaster


Riddle 19

Filled with water

But I’m not a shower

I’m not a plant

But I hold a beautiful flower.


A vase


Riddle 20

It might be worth wearing an apron

To keep your clothes beautiful and smart

So, your brush doesn’t splash this on you

When making a piece of art




Riddle 21

I’m often round

But I’m not a pizza base

I have hands but don’t have fingers

And have numbers on my face.


A clock


Riddle 22

This is something in your kitchen

Meat, milk, and yogurt it does hold

The reason you put them in this

Is because it helps keep them cold


A refrigerator 


We hope you have fun with our rhymes and riddles. Get creative and try to make up a few object riddles of your own.

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Microwave Riddles That Will heat up Your Brain and Leave you Spinning.

A fun way to keep yourself occupied is to see how many riddles you can make out of everyday household items. Have you ever tried it? Well, today we’re going to have some fun with the microwave. So here are some fresh riddles we found that all point towards a microwave.


Riddle 1

If you get home late from practice

This appliance is a winner

As instead of having cold food

This thing can reheat your dinner.


Riddle 2

When you’re feeling hungry

And it would help if you had something to eat

If your food has gone cold

You can use this to reheat.


Riddle 3

I rotate, but I’m not the Earth

As it orbits around the sun

Instead, I’m used for heating food

And I beep when I am done.


Riddle 4

This is something in the kitchen

Which can cook food on demand

What it’s called sounds similar to

A small movement of a hand


Riddle 5

I am used for cooking food

But not for it to be fried

I am a type of oven

But I don’t get hot inside.


Riddle 6

I have an inlet, much like a door, but I’m not a cupboard

I have buttons, but I’m not a calculator

I beep even though  I’m not a car

 or any automobile  

I can  be found in your kitchen, but I’m not a dishwasher

I can cook things, but I’m not a saucepan


Riddle 7

I have a sound that goes beep,

I am no clock, but the time I do keep.

My primary function is to heat,

And surely your meal is hot as you gather round to eat.


Riddle 8

A metal box with numbers I am. I help keep food warm using unique waves. What am I?

Maybe those were a little too easy for a riddle maestro like you. Try out this logical puzzle to test just how excellent your problem-solving skills are.


Riddle 9

A blind man just got home from work. He says,” Honey, I’m home.”

The microwave is busy defrosting a chicken dinner, and from the bedroom, his wife shouts, “Hi Honey, could you please take a look at the microwave and tell me how much time is left?”

He immediately runs out and calls the cops, informing him that his wife is in danger? 

Why did he react like that?

Take some time to puzzle this out. Look for every hidden clue. Did you get it? Well, let’s find out. The answer to the puzzle is?

The man was blind, so there is no way he can see how much time was left on the microwave. He had thought that his wife may be in some danger, probably unsafe, and is trying to warn him.

I bet only the real riddle sleuths could pick out that answer. There are many other fresh microwave riddles out there. Find as many as you can, make up a few of your own. The fun doesn’t have to end there; try this with as many objects as you can find around you. The possibilities are endless.

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Funny Christmas Riddles

Christmas holiday comes in the very last month of the year. To some, it is time to rest, and to some others, it is a holiday to flex, have fun, and relax. 

Whichever category you may belong, just make sure the aura around you is fun and lit. get away from a busy schedule, escape the 9 to 5 routine, hang out with your family and loved ones catching the best fun, party away in an unknown city, taste the sweetest candies, eat the best meal, and drink the freshest wine. 

In the middle of the Christmas holidays, be the life of the moment by adding some spice to your conversation every now, and then. One of the best ways to do that is to arm yourself with cheesy puzzles and funny Christmas riddles. Our collection has provided a long list of riddles for you to pick from. 

Christmas Riddles for Kids

Our first category of funny riddles is for kids. Don’t worry; we ensured that every single word is appropriate for children. It is a fun way to teach and engage children about Christmas during the Christmas holiday.

  1. I heard Santa Claus knows how to fight karate. How did we know that?

Answer: We know this because Santa Claus wears a black belt.


  1. Why do kids cry when they see Santa?

Answer: Kids cry because of Santa’s “claws.”


  1. Describe a short and annoying sidekick of Santa Claus during Christmas in one word.

Answer: Elf 


  1. What is the best gift to give your parents during the Christmas holidays?

Answer: There is always a perfect gift for every holiday. You know your parents deserve a nice present. After searching through every nook and corner, I finally found the perfect gift: a list of everything you want during Christmas.


  1. Why do you think Santa Claus’s sidekicks are usually sad?

Answer: Have you ever wondered why they are always looking unhappy and maltreated? I have no idea what Santa Claus did to offend them, but I am sure they suffer from low ELF esteem.


  1. How do you think Santa Claus bought the gifts from the north pole?

Answer: I have no idea! You find out.


  1. Why can’t we find snowman during the summer?

Answer: We cannot find him because he changed form. He is now a puddle.


  1. What can you use to scare a snowman?

Answer: Wave a hairdryer in the air, and he will melt and fade.


  1. Tell me the type of candle that burns for a long time. 

Answer: None. Candles burn shorter and not longer.


  1. In the world of elves, which one of them is the best artist?

Answer: ELVis Presley.

‘What am I’ Christmas Riddles   

In this section, you will answer the question, “what am I?” We collected a few interesting “what am I” Christmas riddles for you to enjoy. 

  1. I am a little mean-looking helper who does all he can to get you gifts for Christmas. Who am I?

Answer: I am an elf.


  1. You open me every day. I am found in homes. I tell people when Christmas is close.

Answer: I am a calendar.


  1. I come in different colors. I hang out most times during the festive period. I contribute to the electric bill. What am I?

Answer: I am Christmas lights.


  1. I make everything white. Keep people indoors more during the holidays. People change their fashion to something thicker when I come around. What am I?

Answer: Snow


  1. I come out once a year. All my clothes have the same red color. I walk with a cane with nothing wrong with my leg. Who am I?

Answer: I am Santa Claus



Christmas is an excellent time to cool off. These riddles about Christmas are funny and didactic all the same. I bet most people may not get any of the riddles written above right. It doesn’t matter. At the very least, you know now. Make sure you use these riddles to entertain your minds during this Christmas.

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Christmas Riddles and Answers

Christmas is a time to show love, relax, and have fun with family and loved ones. It comes with a lot of perks and traditions. In a typical setting, the house is full, and most people get to see members of their extended family, including brothers, sisters, grannies, and other relatives you have not seen in a long time.

While trying to catch up with your loved ones, share candies, and sing beautiful Christmas songs in church, a fun way to spend your Christmas is by playing entertaining games such as riddles and board games. 

We have helped you with a few Christmas riddles and answers to try out with your family during Christmas.


Festive Riddles About Christmas


It is time to show your siblings and friends who’ve got the smartest minds. You can play in groups assigning points to those who got the answer right, or you may try other ways. We wish you luck. Hope you get many right


  1. Christmas and Thanksgiving are the most important holidays which come with different traditions and events. Typically, Thanksgiving comes before Christmas. When does Christmas come before Thanksgiving?

Answer: When giving answers to riddles like this, you need to learn how to connect the right dots. Thanksgiving is usually celebrated before Christmas, according to the date. So when does it come before Christmas? That’s impossible, right? Well, check your dictionary! The word ‘Christmas’ starts with the letter ‘c’ while the word ‘thanksgiving’ begins with the letter ‘t.’ The only time and place Christmas comes before Thanksgiving is in the dictionary.


  1. What is snowman’s best food during Christmas?

Answer: I think we should rule out some items before solving this riddle. We are all familiar with the snowman in every Christmas series, popularly featured in Frozen. Anything comes to mind already? Snowman’s best food during Christmas should be Frozen flakes. 


  1. What is the difference between the Christmas alphabet and the regular English alphabet?

Answer: Did you know that there is a difference between the Christmas alphabet and the regular English alphabet? Don’t look confused or in doubt! Think deeper! If you can’t solve the riddle, it means you don’t love Christmas. The only difference is that there is noel. Have you got that? No L.


  1. Who eats throughout the year but doesn’t eat at Christmas?

Answer: That’s weird, right? I am sure you don’t believe that anyone would neglect Christmas food. The answer is turkey. They are reared and catered to from the beginning until Christmas, where they become stuffed and eaten. That’s cruel!


  1. Darth Vader stalks Luke Skywalker till Christmas, or how do you think he knows what he got for Christmas.

Answer: He knew because he felt his “presents.”


  1. Santa Claus travels from the North Pole in which direction?

Answer: Before you start calculating longitude and latitude on your map, it may not be helpful. Since Santa Claus is coming from the extreme north, everything is south from the North Pole. 


  1. If you were to cross a Christmas tree with apples, what would you get? 

Answer: This is quite easy! It should be a plus point for your group. A Christmas tree is a pine! When crossed with apples, you get a pine-Apple


  1. December is a unique month quite different from every other month. How is it different? 

Answer: It has a letter ‘D.’


  1. Humans go to school to learn the alphabet while Elves go to school to learn?

Answer: elf-abet 


  1. Describe a snowman in summer in one word.

Answer: Puddle 

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