Microwave Riddles That Will heat up Your Brain and Leave you Spinning.

A fun way to keep yourself occupied is to see how many riddles you can make out of everyday household items. Have you ever tried it? Well, today we’re going to have some fun with the microwave. So here are some fresh riddles we found that all point towards a microwave.


Riddle 1

If you get home late from practice

This appliance is a winner

As instead of having cold food

This thing can reheat your dinner.


Riddle 2

When you’re feeling hungry

And it would help if you had something to eat

If your food has gone cold

You can use this to reheat.


Riddle 3

I rotate, but I’m not the Earth

As it orbits around the sun

Instead, I’m used for heating food

And I beep when I am done.


Riddle 4

This is something in the kitchen

Which can cook food on demand

What it’s called sounds similar to

A small movement of a hand


Riddle 5

I am used for cooking food

But not for it to be fried

I am a type of oven

But I don’t get hot inside.


Riddle 6

I have an inlet, much like a door, but I’m not a cupboard

I have buttons, but I’m not a calculator

I beep even though  I’m not a car

 or any automobile  

I can  be found in your kitchen, but I’m not a dishwasher

I can cook things, but I’m not a saucepan


Riddle 7

I have a sound that goes beep,

I am no clock, but the time I do keep.

My primary function is to heat,

And surely your meal is hot as you gather round to eat.


Riddle 8

A metal box with numbers I am. I help keep food warm using unique waves. What am I?

Maybe those were a little too easy for a riddle maestro like you. Try out this logical puzzle to test just how excellent your problem-solving skills are.


Riddle 9

A blind man just got home from work. He says,” Honey, I’m home.”

The microwave is busy defrosting a chicken dinner, and from the bedroom, his wife shouts, “Hi Honey, could you please take a look at the microwave and tell me how much time is left?”

He immediately runs out and calls the cops, informing him that his wife is in danger? 

Why did he react like that?

Take some time to puzzle this out. Look for every hidden clue. Did you get it? Well, let’s find out. The answer to the puzzle is?

The man was blind, so there is no way he can see how much time was left on the microwave. He had thought that his wife may be in some danger, probably unsafe, and is trying to warn him.

I bet only the real riddle sleuths could pick out that answer. There are many other fresh microwave riddles out there. Find as many as you can, make up a few of your own. The fun doesn’t have to end there; try this with as many objects as you can find around you. The possibilities are endless.