Christmas Riddles and Answers

Christmas is a time to show love, relax, and have fun with family and loved ones. It comes with a lot of perks and traditions. In a typical setting, the house is full, and most people get to see members of their extended family, including brothers, sisters, grannies, and other relatives you have not seen in a long time.

While trying to catch up with your loved ones, share candies, and sing beautiful Christmas songs in church, a fun way to spend your Christmas is by playing entertaining games such as riddles and board games. 

We have helped you with a few Christmas riddles and answers to try out with your family during Christmas.


Festive Riddles About Christmas


It is time to show your siblings and friends who’ve got the smartest minds. You can play in groups assigning points to those who got the answer right, or you may try other ways. We wish you luck. Hope you get many right


  1. Christmas and Thanksgiving are the most important holidays which come with different traditions and events. Typically, Thanksgiving comes before Christmas. When does Christmas come before Thanksgiving?

Answer: When giving answers to riddles like this, you need to learn how to connect the right dots. Thanksgiving is usually celebrated before Christmas, according to the date. So when does it come before Christmas? That’s impossible, right? Well, check your dictionary! The word ‘Christmas’ starts with the letter ‘c’ while the word ‘thanksgiving’ begins with the letter ‘t.’ The only time and place Christmas comes before Thanksgiving is in the dictionary.


  1. What is snowman’s best food during Christmas?

Answer: I think we should rule out some items before solving this riddle. We are all familiar with the snowman in every Christmas series, popularly featured in Frozen. Anything comes to mind already? Snowman’s best food during Christmas should be Frozen flakes. 


  1. What is the difference between the Christmas alphabet and the regular English alphabet?

Answer: Did you know that there is a difference between the Christmas alphabet and the regular English alphabet? Don’t look confused or in doubt! Think deeper! If you can’t solve the riddle, it means you don’t love Christmas. The only difference is that there is noel. Have you got that? No L.


  1. Who eats throughout the year but doesn’t eat at Christmas?

Answer: That’s weird, right? I am sure you don’t believe that anyone would neglect Christmas food. The answer is turkey. They are reared and catered to from the beginning until Christmas, where they become stuffed and eaten. That’s cruel!


  1. Darth Vader stalks Luke Skywalker till Christmas, or how do you think he knows what he got for Christmas.

Answer: He knew because he felt his “presents.”


  1. Santa Claus travels from the North Pole in which direction?

Answer: Before you start calculating longitude and latitude on your map, it may not be helpful. Since Santa Claus is coming from the extreme north, everything is south from the North Pole. 


  1. If you were to cross a Christmas tree with apples, what would you get? 

Answer: This is quite easy! It should be a plus point for your group. A Christmas tree is a pine! When crossed with apples, you get a pine-Apple


  1. December is a unique month quite different from every other month. How is it different? 

Answer: It has a letter ‘D.’


  1. Humans go to school to learn the alphabet while Elves go to school to learn?

Answer: elf-abet 


  1. Describe a snowman in summer in one word.

Answer: Puddle