Fun Riddles About Common Objects

Everyone loves a good riddle. Riddles can be a fun way to tease your brain. They can also keep you up at night, obsessing over the answer. Irrespective of the side of the fence you’re sitting on, here are some fresh “object riddles” we found.

How correctly can you guess the object they’re hinting about?


Riddle 1

I go around the yard but do not move?

A fence


Riddle 2 

I go up and down, but I don’t move?

A staircase


Riddle 3

What gets larger, the more you take away from it?

A hole


Riddle 4

I fasten two people yet touch only one?

A wedding ring


Riddle 5

What travels around the world and yet stays in a corner?

It’s a stamp


Riddle 6

I get wetter the more I dry. What am I?



Riddle 7

I have teeth but no mouth. What am I?

A saw


Riddle 8 

I can fill a room, yet occupy no space. What am I?



Riddle 9

I am a piece of wood that is kingly. What am I?

A ruler


Riddle 10

What do you fill with empty hands?



Riddle 11

What do you serve, but neither eat nor drink?

A tennis ball


Riddle 12

I have a foot on either side s of me, and one in the centre. What am I?

A yardstick


Riddle 13

What bath can you take without water?

A sunbath


Riddle 14

I can be put on the table, cut, but I can never be eaten. What am I?

 A deck of cards

Were those a bit too easy? Why don’t you try some of our rhymes? They are quite catchy and will leave you puzzling the answer while you hum the tune.


Riddle 15

 Although this thing has a spine

It doesn’t have a face

Although it is not clothing

It gets stored in a case.


A book


Riddle 16

Sometimes to get inside a door

All you need to do is knock

Other times you will need this thing

So, the door you can unlock.


A key


Riddle 17

If you’re sitting on me

Then paper you will need

I’m always getting flushed

When you have a pressing need


A toilet


Riddle 18

This small kitchen appliance

Gets pushed down and then it starts

It’s used for slices of bread

Or for heating Pop-Tarts


A toaster


Riddle 19

Filled with water

But I’m not a shower

I’m not a plant

But I hold a beautiful flower.


A vase


Riddle 20

It might be worth wearing an apron

To keep your clothes beautiful and smart

So, your brush doesn’t splash this on you

When making a piece of art




Riddle 21

I’m often round

But I’m not a pizza base

I have hands but don’t have fingers

And have numbers on my face.


A clock


Riddle 22

This is something in your kitchen

Meat, milk, and yogurt it does hold

The reason you put them in this

Is because it helps keep them cold


A refrigerator 


We hope you have fun with our rhymes and riddles. Get creative and try to make up a few object riddles of your own.