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you might accuse someone living with a stolen identity of being this

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The answer is: imposter
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i have a head and a tail but my eyes can never see my tail what am i?what can go up a chimney down but cannot go down a chimney up?i move without wings between silken strings i leave as you find my substance behind what am i?you can build or destroy let creativity soar but be careful at night what am i ??i come off a beautiful creature which soars in the sky i come off a peckish creature which has a tail as mighty as the sun! i am sometimes dirty and parents beg you not to pick me up what am i?epocs epocsif two is a company and three is a crowd what are four and five?i crawl on the earth and rise on a pillarthis food made from pork is often eaten along side eggs and baconwhat is it that when you take away the whole you still have some left overtoday he is there to trip you up and he will torture you tomorrow yet he is also there to ease the pain when you are lost in grief and sorrowwhat invention lets you look right through a wall?coca cola drpepper and pepsi are three varieties of this kind of drinkwhat can be heard and caught but never seen?small edible creature from the sea that is often served at restaurants like red lobsterthis is the main ingredient in spaghetti and mac-n-cheesewhat is in your body for free the first and the second time but the third time you have to buy yourself?commits friendly home invasions one night a yearwhat can honk without using a horn?i am yellow on the outside white inside and very appealing what am i?i am owned by old mcdonald what am i?who is it that rows quickly with four oars but never comes out from under his own roof?when you stop and look you can always see me if you try to touch you cannot feel me i cannot move but as you near me i will move away from youfor all your post bubble-bath drying needswhat is higher without the head than with it?if you wake at dawn you'll probably find this covering the lawna king wears one on his headi get paid to shoot people then blow them up what am i?what is that which while it lives constantly changes its habit that is buried before it is dead and whose tomb is valued wherever it is found?if you ask someone for their "addy" what do you want?a dj does this to records i do it to mosquito bitesit regulates our daily movements but it feels no interest in our lives it directs us when to come and go but does not care if we pay attention what is it?you must keep this thing its loss will affect your brothers for once yours is lost it will soon be lost by others what is it?they are dark and always on the run but without the sun there would be none they arei have arms but cannot carry a thing but wave at me and i wave back at you what am i?if you rub this there is a possibility of a magical fat man coming outit speaks without a tongue and listens without earskangaroo koala possum wombatnever swallowed but certainly chewed tossed in the mouth but it is not food what is it?at the sound of me men may dream or stamp their feet at the sound of me women may laugh or sometimes weepi can run but not walk wherever i go thought follows close behindit is a form of mechanism invented so you can discover who is following youwhat word of five letters has only one left when two letters are removed?everyone has it and no one can lose it what is it?being able to interpret the letters on this screen proves that you have this qualitywhat do you want if you need some "chow"?the leaves are on the fruit the fruit is on the leaves what is it?what is that which goes with a car comes with a car is of no use to a car and yet the car cannot go without it?what are "abs"?kings and queens have power; the jack and jester they call but what is the trump who overtakes them all?
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