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what dresses for summer and sheds in the winter?

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The answer is: tree
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these begin your sentences and are home to your leaderseight chalk pocket cueif you were to throw a white stone into the red sea what would it become?what has one foot but no body?i have a ring but no fingers i used to stay still all the time but nowadays i follow you around what am i?my life can be measured in hours i serve by being devoured thin i am quite fat i am slow wind is my foeturkey day what am i?one time every year there is a very special day little have the same everyone party a different wayi can be cracked i can be made i can be told and i can be playedi am an odd number that become even when beheaded what am i ??what has to be broken before it can be used?these help engines spin and trousers stay upwhat must be looked through in order to see?what is often returned but never borrowed/what is it that no man ever yet did see which never was but always is to be?upwhat do people need but always give away?what do rich people have that can be changed into the lawuseful term for when you need to start a fire or notice someone with the same shirt as youi can be written i can be spoken i can be exposed i can be brokena republican whose name is synonymous with "glove"these are believed to be found at the end of rainbowsa large oasis in the desert come with cash and leave with none what am i?fritos doritos and lays are some popular brands of this cripsy potato snacki can run but not walk wherever i go thought follows close behindit can be used onstage or to express admiration what is it?canine children what am i?what gets bigger the more you take away from it?it is something that is often sold by child entrepreneurs during summeri transfer oxygen from the atmosphere to your blood what am i ??what has four fingers and one thumb but is not alive?if someone has "bo" what do they have?you must keep this thing its loss will affect your brothers for once yours is lost it will soon be lost by otherselephant clown tent trapezewhere food goes to get nukedthough i am only two words i have thousands of letters in me what am i ??what is there more of the less you see?i am long and slim works in light has but one eye and an awful bite what am i ??we see it once in a year twice in a week and never in a day what is it?not the skinniest of felinesmakes apples fall from treesthere is an old invention still used today that allows one to look through walls what is it?a man walks out of a house that has four walls all facing north a bird walks past him what is it?a house has 4 walls all of the walls are facing south and a bear is circling the house what color is the bear?what is red but it smells like a blue paint?poor people have it rich people need it if you eat it you die what is it?a delicious way of presenting numbersi am always hungry i must always be fed the finger i lick will soon turn redwhat holds water yet is full of holes?teddy bears are never hungry because they are always what?
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