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what animal has feet on the head?

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The answer is: lice
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i can be sweet or sour i do not rhyme with any other word what am i?i am the place to turn when nature calls what am i?what should you keep after giving?perfect with a head perfect without a head; perfect with a tail perfect without a tail; perfect with either neither or boththe offspring of circle and a rectanglewhere food goes to get nukedwhat goes up and down the stairs without moving?i am too much for one but not enough for two give me to a third and i am gone what am i?what has a ring but no finger?it is known as the best real estate for toysif you take off my skin i will not cry but you will what am i?at the sound of me men may dream or stamp their feet at the sound of me women may laugh or sometimes weephow many letters are in the alphabet?a salutation from the islandsthose with eyes bigger than their stomach will definitely leave the restaurant with one of them it is named after a house pet as wellwhat kind of table has no legs?i sleep by day i fly by night i have no feathers to aid y flight what am i?break me and i am better immediately set and harder to be broken again what am i ??i have two bodies joined together as one when standing still i ran and ran what am i?poorly behaved children often find themselves sitting in theseslippery slithery lubricious slickyou do this when you say goodbye to a sweetheartall about the house with his lady he dances yet he always works and never romancesit is an arctic double breasted formal wearto you rude would i never be though i flag my tongue for all to seei only exist when you are here where you never were i can never be what am i?it cannot be seen it cannot be felt cannot be heard cannot be smelt lies behind stars and under hills and empty holes it fills comes first follows after ends life kills laughteryou enter a dark room you have only one match there is an oil lamp a furnace and a stove in the room which would you light first?how many letters are in the alphabet?built of metal or wood to divide it will make us good neighbors if you stay on your side what is it?what is it that no man ever yet did see which never was but always is to be?weight in my belly trees on my back nails in my ribs feet do i lack what am i?which word in the dictionary is spelled incorrectly?i sleep by day i fly by night i have no feathers to aid my flightwhat has two hands but no arms?though it be cold i wear no clothes the frost and snow i never fear; i value neither shoes nor hose and yet i wander far and near: my diet is forever good i drink no cider port nor sack what providence doth send for food i neither buy nor sell nor lack what am i ??godzilla calls this place homea man who worked in a butcher shop was six feet tall and wore size eleven shoes what did he weigh?those who stand vigil by the shorea shower that lights up the skywhich word in the dictionary is spelled incorrectly?what gets served but never eaten?you must keep this thing its loss will affect your brothers for once yours is lost it will soon be lost by otherssand+net+bikini =this is the common vehicle both george j jetson and neil a armstrong drove to worki am the building with the most number of stories what am i ??makeup for your digitsone who has offended the government and has been detained by itwhat starts with t ends with t and has t in it?i give life for my own have a beginning but my end is unknown what am i?
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