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this greek dish is similar to a taco or pita sandwich in appearance it is made with a fatty meat in a taco shell shaped flatbread with tomatos, lettice and other veggies

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The answer is: gyro
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what does "ig" stand for?one of the few activities that involves bowling pins flying through the airwhere humans breath liquidwhat makes leaping off a bridge fun?it is a storage facility for criminals and fire-breathing reptilesif you walk into a cabin with a match a kerosene lamp and a fireplace which do you light first?what is the saddest fruit?what do the poor have that the rich need and if you eat it you will die?i am the place to turn when nature calls what am i?my body is quite thin and has nothing within neither have i head face or eye; yet a tail i have got full as long as- what not? and up without wings i can flyi travel the world and i am drunk constantly who am i?what is is that you will break every time you name it?the wave over the wave a weird thing i saw through-wrought and wonderfully ornate: a wonder on the wave-water became bonealmost everyone sees me without noticing me for what is beyond is what he or she seeksi am just two and two i am hot i am cold i am the parent of numbers that cannot be told i am a gift beyond measure a matter of course i am given with pleasure when taken by force what am i ??taking this from a baby is said to be quite easyi am a delicious way of representing data what am i?a hold leading in a hold leading out i connect to a cavern that is slimy throughouti am what bring things together without me everything you see would be a total mass or debris everywhere what am i?honeydew canteloupe water galiasta4ncei know a word of letters three add two and fewer there will bemr blue lives in the blue house mr pink lives in the pink house and mr brown lives in the brown house who lives in the white house?rock table car metalwhat kind of room has no doors or windows?lives without a body hears without ears speaks without a mouth to which the air alone gives birthmy life is measured in hours i serve by being devoured thin i am quick; fat i am slow wind is my foe what am i?what turns everything around but does not move?squeeze it and it cries tears as red as its flesh but its heart is made of stonei can be found in water but never wet what am i?i go in hard and i come out soft you blow me hard what am i?there she goes over the road a young mare that is whinnying a fiery spot on her forehead with her hindquarters ablazerueben and monte cristo are two delicious varieties of thisi am owned by old mcdonald what am i?what is always coming every day but never arrives until the next?i ride i ride; no tracks are left i chop and chop; there are no chips left he rides and rides; turns around: there is no road leftturns us on our backs and open up our stomachs you will be the wisest of men though at start a lummoxthis man has an obsession with spinachwhat is heavy forward but not backward?what is gentle enough to soothe the skin and light enough to exist in the sky but strong enough to break rocks?devils unicorns and goats all share this featuregodzilla calls this place homeslowly creeping i am weeping changing shades and growingif a man carries my burden they will get crushed to death though not rich i leave silver in my track what am i?i am as simple as a circle worthless as a leader but when i follow a group their strength increases tenfold by myself i am practically nothing neither negative or positivewhat part of a fish weights most?i travel in a gaggle what am i ??what is it that when you take away the whole you still have some left overhearing something unexpected or touching a live wire can have this effectuncle brother mother cousin
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