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sore losers are often called the sour variety of this fruit

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The answer is: grape
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i am sometimes white but usually black i take you there but i never bring you back what am i?each of these ends in a kettle full of precious metal and the double variety is quite awesomewhen life gives you these make a refreshing beveragei have a mouth on my head and eat everything what am i?the epic tale of two women battling over a sparkly pair of shoesseven brothers five work all day the other two just play or praywe dwell in cottages of straw and labor much for little gains; sweet food from us our masters draw and then with death reward our painsi am fun and sad i am fast and slow i get louder and i get softer and i am created by great geniuses what am i?slithery critters with a taste for dirtof these things – i have two one for me – and one for you and when you ask about the price i simply smile and nod twice what am i ??what do you call the edge of both earth and bread?lives without a body hears without ears speaks without a mouth to which the air alone gives birthi have roads but no pavement rivers but no water and cities but no buildings what am i?brings celebrities into your home every nightyour computer's version of white-outi have roots nobody sees i am taller than trees up up i go but i never grow what am i?has a strong attraction to belly buttonswhat has feet and legs and nothing else?what is full of holes but can still hold a lot of water?before google we actually had to physically look things up in this building full of knowledgewhat is found over your head but under your hat?i fly through the air on small feathered wings seeking out life and destroying all thingswhat goes through a door but never goes in and never comes out?it can be grown in your yard or bought at the store and is given for love when less is more?i have married many women but i am not married who am i?which building has the most stories?it could be a tangly game but can also become a destructive weather phenomenonwhat has hands but can not clap?water glass window airthey cut doors in half and wear wooden shoeswho works when he plays and plays when he works?i run around the city but i never move what am i ??according to the music industry you can count on a midnight train and the devil to turn up herevery helpful if you intend to go gently down a streamwhat has a ring but no finger?i go inside boots and outside shoes what am i ??the offspring of a circle and a rectanglei am longer than a decade and shorter than a millennium what am i?weight in my belly trees on my back nails in my ribs feet do i lack what am i?i am orange and sound like a parrot what am i ??a setting that proved to be deadly for abraham lincolnwhat is it that after you take away the whole some still remains?i go around and in the house but never touches the house what am i?makes arrows fly and kites soar!a common need for both courage and hardcover for booksthree little letters a paradox to some the worse that it is the better it becomesgeorge j jetson and neil a armstrong drove this to workwhat jumps when it walks and sits when it stands?i will not be what i am until the man who made me dies what am i?a storage facility for criminals and fire-breathing reptiles
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