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snowwhite was friendly with seven of them

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The answer is: dwarf
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texting: ooo means what?who is it that rows quickly with four oars but never comes out from under his own roof?i am soldier and i really hate one month which month i am talking about?i have four legs but no tail usually i am heard only at nightno matter how little or how much you use me you change me every month what am i?it is the time in your life when you simultaneously know everything and nothing at an instancewho prefers to travel on vines and pal around with gorillas?at night they come without being fetched and by day they are lost without being stolen what are they?fastiron roof glass walls burns and burns and never fallsmountains will crumble and temples will fall and no man can survive its endless call what is it?found at the back of the book what am i ??it gets passed among men and builds without growing it serves to injure from a source unknowing what is it?what action does this symbolize? o/o"ru" stands for what?the first "r" in "r&r" stands for what?thinkers hold this body partwhat becomes white when it is dirty?lather rinse repeatwhat has no beginning end or middle?my life only lasts hours as i quickly become devoured fast or slow wind is my foe what am i?what has arms and legs but no head?i am owned by the poor the rich does not need me if you eat me you will die! what am i?what does someone else have to take before you can get?what has an end but no beginning a home but no family and a space without room?you hear it speak for it has a hard tongue but it cannot breathe for it has not a lung what is it?i am where the sky is orange i am where the glass is red i am the land of violet bananas and the home to blue orangesforward i am heavy backwards i am not what am i?break it and it is better immediately set and harder to break againwhat is never eaten before lunch?it is everything to someone and nothing to everyone else what is it?i was carried into a dark room and set on fire i wept and then my head was cut off what am i?what occurs once in a minute twice in a moment and never in one thousand years?my thunder comes before the lightning my lightning comes before the clouds my rain dries all the land it touchesframe suspension front fork wheelsthis monkey food makes people slip and fall in cartoonshow much dirt is in a hole 4 feet deep and 2 feet wide?it can be heard in a court or used to carry briefswhat sphinxes employ and players enjoywhat is always coming but never really arrives?known for tuxedo and marchingwhat becomes white when it is dirty?at night they come without being fetched by day they are lost without being stolen what are they?you are having a bad day if 12 peers deem you to be thisangels and pilots work with me what am i ??which tree is the most difficult to get along with?nana fishthis food is made of grated potatos smashed together and fried in the form of a totyou can spin wheel and twist but this thing can turn without moving what is it?a prehistoric reptile that lives today and the inspiration for the name of a popular sports drink
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