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silently i drink and dive in fluids dark as night i beat the mighty warrior but never in fight the black blood in my veins your thirst for knowledge slakes my spittle is more venomous than that of poison snakes

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The answer is: pen
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what happened if you "bombed" a test?i am a activity dogs are very good at when a ball is thrown what am i?what five-letter word becomes shorter when you add two letters to it?if someone just got out of the "joint" where have they been?what does the second "s" in "sys" mean?a circle of stones never in rows stacked one on the other mystery it sows what is it?i am pronounced as one letter written with three i come in blue black brown or grey reverse me and i read the same either way what am i?it has roots that nobody sees it is taller than trees up u pit goes yet it never grows what is it?i lack much reason but often rhyme and require logic to pass the time to get the words to tell your kin look for clues that lie within though all are different they act the same the answer is practically in the namei ride i ride; no tracks are left i chop and chop; there are no chips left he rides and rides; turns around: there is no road leftit is a gruesome form of betrayit was a tradition long ago when the world was dark and full of woe when men turned darkness into light by mixing melting and decanting in the night to seek for youth and gold and riches just to be burned as witchesdigital white-out what am i ??fighting technique taken from ramsgold in a leather bag swinging on a tree money after honey in its time ills of a scurvy crew cured by the sea reason in its season but no rhymewhat is long and slim works in light; has but one eye and an awful bite?quiteknockoffprobably the most famous dinner-party in historywhat lies in bed and stands in bed first white then red the plumper it gets the better the old woman likes it?thirty white horses on a red hill first they champ then they stamp then they stand stillshe is covered in dust and is always jealousmaterial for making balls and men that only shows up at certain times of the yearas i walked along the path i saw something with four fingers an done thumb but it was not flesh fish bone or fowlthe famous royal young lady who had several short men following herit is something that is owned by old mcdonaldi have married many women but i am not married who am i?where it is encouraged to slam into other vehiclesif you break me i do not stop working if you touch me i may be snared if you lose me nothing will matteryour computer's version of white-outwhat nautical word looks the same upside down and backwards?a dj does this to records i do it to mosquito bitesi am a red drum which sound without being touched and grow silent when i am touched what am i ??nightly they come without being fetched? what are they?though desert men once called me god today men call me mad for i wag my tail when i am angry and growl when i am gladwith three eyes and as black as night i frequently knock down ten men with a single strike! what am i?a caribbean shape that makes ships disappeargoth guys and women enhance their visual organs with this itemwhat smells the most in the kitchen?i am the reaction after enjoying soda what am i?what belongs to you but others use it more than you do?through its wounds water does run it once held many but now has none what is it?the more you take of me the more you leave behind what am i?what has a tongue cannot walk but gets around a lot?i may only be given but never bought sinners seek me but saints do not what am i?my neighbor makes mistakes i get rid of them who am i?i have strong affection for belly buttons what am i ??what does the "l" in "4col" stand for?i turn around once what is out will not get in i turn around again what is in will not get outwhat is it that you ought to keep after you have given it to someone else?
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