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it has no top or bottom, but it can hold flesh, bones, and blood all at the same time

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The answer is: ring
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a shimmering field that reaches far yet it has no tracks and is crossed without pathsface with a tree skin like the sea a great beast i am yet vermin frightens me what am i ??it is yellow and you can serve it but not eati am partly blind but can still see i have legs but only use them for sleeping what am i?a mile from end to end but easily found on the face of a friend what is it?this small rolled tortilla usually has meat or cheese filling and was originally invented in mexicoif someone calls you this it might be time to consider hot waxthe profession of jimi hendrix and eric claptoni was not born but i am here i have no name but i am given many i was made by science and life what am i?i am wood that is neither hard straight or crooked what am i?three lives have i gentle enough to soothe the skin light enough to caress the sky hard enough to crack rocks what am i?ooooooour ancestors came from this continentmake three fourths of a cross then a circle complete; let two semicircles a perpendicular meet; then add a triangle that stands on two feet with two semicircles and a circle completesoda soup trash tinthis is where the wind comes sweeping down the plain not to mention the waving wheatat the sound of me you may stomp your feet but you may also dream or weep what am i?a beverage named after a stick also combats the stains of another beveragean appropriately loud response to fear excitement or your team scoringi come in many shapes sizes and colors i stick to many surfaces but i am in fact not sticky at all what am i?what word begins and ends with an ā€œeā€ but only has one letter?i go from house to house a messenger small and tight weather it rains or snows i sleep outside at night what am i?a word i know six letters it contains subtract just one and twelve remains what is it?what do you do with a dead chemist?something that is handy when you need to measure something or run a kingdomwithout this h2o would just be 2othey produce pies and burgers and are great for tippingwhat calls for help when written in capital letters is the same forwards backwards and upside down?of these everyone has ten part of two wholes at the arms end what are they?what build its house with earthen string and ensnares its prey with a biting sting?this plant is responsible for spreading a lot of gossipi do not contain flesh feather or scales; yet i have fingers and thumbs what am i?if rabbits do this to carrots jason mraz does this to ears what is this?a warrior amongst the flowers he bears a thrusting sword he uses it whenever he must to defend his golden hoardwhat is pronounced like one letter written with three letters and belongs to all animals?i am gentle enough to soothe your skin light enough to fly in the sky strong enough to crack rocks what am i?i come in many shapes and colors i sing in the breeze but only live 7 months what am i?what does "ig" stand for?these people cannot be choosersboth old people and owls are said to be possessing this traita setting that proved to be deadly for abraham lincolnthe more of me there is the less you see what am i ??rolling on flooryou use a knife to slice my head and weep beside me when i am deadwhen life gives you these make a refreshing beveragewhat is higher without the head than with it?has a strong attraction to belly buttonsi have two hands but cannot clapwhat is it that you can keep after giving it to someone else?i can be cracked made told and played what am i?
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