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define: derp

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The answer is: dumb
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the more it dries the wetter it becomes what is it?alive without breath as cold as death clad in mail never clicking never thirsty ever drinkingwhat did adam and eve lack that everyone else has?a candy whose name is reminiscent of a small laughborn from a fountain of wealth i am black instead of gold but valued the same what am i?it flies without wingstranslate: lilgold in a leather bag swinging on a tree money after honey in its time ills of a scurvy crew cured by the sea reason in its season but no rhymei get wet when dryingtemporary shiny food coveringwhat can you catch but not throw?a prickly house a little host contains; the pointed weapons keep back from pains so he unarmed safe in his fort remainswhat is bought by the yard and worn by the foot?i have a face two arms and two hands yet i can not move i count to twelve yet i can not speak i can still tell you something everydayreal estate for toysit cannot be seen it cannot be felt cannot be heard cannot be smelt lies behind stars and under hills and empty holes it fills comes first follows after ends life kills laughterwhat goes into the water black and comes out red?she is covered in dust and is always jealousdrop this to stop a boati can be caught but not throwna doctor gives you three pills and tells you to take one every half an hour how long will the pills last?what is born on the ground but floats to the sky to be returned back again from the clouds up high?if someone sells you a "boosted" item how did they get it?what does this symbol mean: <3what instrument can you hear but never see?poke your fingers in my eyes and i will open wide my jaws linen cloth quills or paper my greedy lust devours them allgive it food and it will live give it water and it will diefor most i am fast for others i am slow an obsession to all i make the world go what am i?i have a face two arms and two hands yet i can not move i count to twelve yet i can not speak i can still tell you something everydayi have legs but walk not a strong back but work not two good arms but reach not a seat but sits and tarry notwhat is full of holes but still holds water?what does the "m" in "wom" stand for?a doctor might remove one from the neck of a dracula victimtake away my first letter take away my second letter take away all my letters and i would remain the same what am i?what should you keep after giving?they are toothy nocturnal immortalsenvironmentalists want to keep this from dryingwhat does "some1? mean?i am as light as a feather yet no man can hold me for long what am i?what goes round the house and in the house but never touches the house?what does "ig" stand for?what must be looked through in order to see?if you are a sore loser you are often called the sour variety of this fruitgive me food and i will live; give me water and i will die what am i?can be done to buttons and shopping cartscloud is my mother wind is my father what am i?until i am measured i am not known yet how you miss me when i have flown! what am i?what can you spell with b r and y?when they are caught they are thrown away when they escape you itch what am i?what is a "chick"?
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