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The answer is: dietcoke
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even though i am far from the point and make no mistakes of my own i fix yours what am i?who spends the day at the window goes to the table for meals and hides at night?our ancestors came from this continentan appropriately loud response to fear excitement or your team scoringyou need thousands of me to create a digital image what am i ??what instrument can you hear but never see?it goes into the water black and comes out redi am round i have only one line circle is not my name indeed what am i?bitter salty sour pepperywhat do elves do after school?a standard dimension for sandwiches and rulerswhen you find this in a road you will not use it to eat but will be forced to make a decisionwhat body part is pronounced as one letter but written with three only two different letters are used?thousands of these come together to make a digital imagedoing this with your job can be risky but doing it with smoking is always a good ideawhat surrounds the world yet dwells within a thimble?this dish consists of a rolled tortilla with a filling typically of beef or chicken and served with a chili saucei travel in a gaggle what am i ??i go from house to house a messenger small and tight weather it rains or snows i sleep outside at night what am i?a device that nearly everyone has that can freeze anyone it sees what is it?cyai have arms but cannot carry a thing but wave at me and i wave back at you what am i?pointing north south east and west it saves the lost and helps the rest what is it?a white field and when it is plowed its soil is blackwhat goes around the world but stays in a corner?a shimmering field that reaches far yet it has no tracks and is crossed without pathscarriage bottlae diaper rattledescribes universities like harvard and can be poisonousi may only be given but never bought sinners seek me but saints do not what am i?what always goes to bed with his shoes on?i eat i live i breathe i live i drink i die what am i?i have a face two arms and two hands yet i can not move i count to twelve yet i can not speak i can still tell you something everydaythe more you have of me the less you see who am i?a desert oasis where money magically disappears from your pocketi have a face but no eyes hands but no arms what am i?when the horse strokes the cat the wood begins to singtranslate: totesi am part of the bird that is not in the sky i can swim in the water but always stay dry what am i?if i say "everything i tell you is a lie" am i telling you the truth or a lie?they are many and one they wave and they drum used to cover a state they go with you everywherethe more you take the more you leave behindit can cause deflation of tires when dropped from the rear of spy carsyou hear it speak for it has a hard tongue but it cannot breathe for it has not a lung what is it?a popular afterlife location to send evil people what am i ??it regulates our daily movements but it feels no interest in our lives it directs us when to come and go but does not care if we pay attention what is it?it is probably the most laid-back member of the animal kingdomwhat is that which while it lives constantly changes its habit that is buried before it is dead and whose tomb is valued wherever it is found?a breakfast food that is cracked from white shells and is often scrambled usually served with bacon sausage toast or pancakesa canvas full of starshow many months have 28 days?
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