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carrot angel red velvet cup

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The answer is: cakes
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i am a shower that lights up the sky what am i ??this orange colored fruit gets its name from its colora sport with love and service played by singles and pairsa shower that lights up the skylives without a body hears without ears speaks without a mouth to which the air alone gives birthglittering points that downward thrust sparkling spears that never rustreserved for royalty and damaged teethi am a nut with a hole what am i?you hear it speak for it has a hard tongue but it cannot breathe for it has not a lunga precious gift yet it has no end no beginning and nothing in the middlewhich word in the dictionary is spelled incorrectly?what does "evre1" stand for?carbon hydrogen nitrogen chlorinewhat attribute does an "airhead" have?kings and queens may cling to power and the jesters may have their call i am the most common but i can rule them all what am i?fast rapid swift hurryingi am higher than the king what am i ??i am bought by the yard but worn by the foot what am i?it is the transportation of choice for princesses to attend ballsmy tail is long my coat is brown i like the country i like the town i can live in a house or live in a shed and i come out to play when you are in bed what am i ??wearing one of these warm garments around might get you doused in red paintwhich building has the most stories?this small round stone fruit that is typically bright or dark red is often served on top of whipped cream on a milk shakeonly one foot tall but i govern you what am i?pocketsi am free the first time and second time but the third time is going to cost you money what am i?what has two spines and a lot of ribs and carries much but never moves?what kind of nail can be grown?with no hammer or any kind of tool i build my house so quickly what am i?though easy to spot when allowed to plume it is hard to see when held in a roomface with a tree skin like the sea a great beast i am yet vermin frightens meover over over overthese are needed to finish a testas i walked along the path i saw something with four fingers an done thumb but it was not flesh fish bone or fowlwhat has no beginning or end and nothing in the middle?i am taken from a mine and shut up in a wooden case from which i am never released and yet i am used by almost everybodyi will disappear every time you say my name what am i?i have an eye but cannot see i am stronger and faster then any man alive but have no limbssizzling torrid scorching bliteringthis breakfast food is thin flat cake or batter usually fried and turned in a pan it is often enjoyed with butter and syrupmy mother is water and my brother the sky i am grey when wet but white when dry what am i?this guy crossed a road and everyone wants an explanationmy life only lasts hours as i quickly become devoured fast or slow wind is my foe what am i?my first a blessing sent to earth of plants and flowers to aid the birth; my second surely was designed to hurl destruction on mankind; my whole a pledge from pardoning heaven of wrath appeased and crimes forgiventranslate: lilthe higher i climb the hotter i engage i cannot escape from my crystal cagewhich word in the dictionary is spelled incorrectly?i have a face two arms and two hands yet i can not move i count to twelve yet i can not speak i can still tell you something everydayconsuming food would be pretty tough without these chompersit comes from crystal and melts to a treat add it to your tea to make it sweet what is it?
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