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a precious gift, yet it has no end, no beginning, and nothing in the middle

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The answer is: ring
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what always comes into the house through the keyhole?uncle brother mother cousini am a beverage named after a stick what am i?a small paradise surrounded by dry heat some have wonderwallswhat does "rt" stand for?makes arrows fly and kites soar!what can be heard and caught but never seen?who is it that rows quickly with four oars but never comes out from under his own roof?what is always coming but never arrives?this dish is defined as small pasta envelopes containing ground meat cheese or vegetablesi go in hard and dry i come out soft and sticky you can blow mean action done on mosquito bites what am i?long ago dragons are believed to do this to their goldwhat flies without wings?i am a king but also a common device of measurethough my beauty is becoming i can hurt you just the same; i come in many colors; i am what i am by any other namemy first is in spell but not book my second is in fright and also shook my third is in cauldron but never in pot my fourth is in net and also in knot my fifth is in bat but never in vampire my sixth is in coal but not found in fire my seventh is in moon but not in nightpeople in love are often bound to thiswhat is always coming but never really arrives?what can be played with no rules and no winners or losers?i build up castles i tear down mountains i make some men blind i help others to seetool of thief toy of queen always used to be unseen sign of joy sign of sorrow giving all likeness borrowedwhat kind of nut is empty at the center and has no shella hand without flesh and nothing can i hold my grip cannot be used until i am sold what am i?i am a ship that can be made to ride the greatest waves i am not built by objects but built by minds what am i?locked up inside you and yet they can steal it from youi can sizzle like bacon i am made with an egg i have plenty of backbone but lack a good leg i peel layers like onions but still remain whole i can be long like a flagpole yet fit in a holethis is the common vehicle both george j jetson and neil a armstrong drove to workpoor people have it rich people need it if you eat it you die what is it?candy that allegedly tastes like refracted lightpeople in love are often bound to thiswhat can bring back the dead make us cry make us laugh make us young born in an instant yet lasts a life time?white fat and fluffy may even look like a puppy seems heavy but is light floats about without a worry but if it turns dark you have to hurry!this royal young lady had several short men following her and helping her in the foresta morbidly-named body of waterthe eight of us move forth and back to protect our king from the foes attackwhat is the thing which once poured out cannot be gathered again?i have two hands but cannot clapwe are two brothers on opposite sides of the road but we never see each other who are we?what is easy to get into and hard to get out of?i am the home for feathery animals what am i?what can your pocket hold while it is completely empty?this mother comes from a family of eight supports her children in spite of their weight turns around without being called has held you since the time you crawledwhat goes through towns and over hills but never moves?define: cray crayif you give it a tug you can sit in the dark tug it again and a light will spark what is it?with four oars it swims but it is always at home its back is like armor tougher than chrome what is it?what does a cat have that no other animal has?i am all around you but you cannot see me i have no throat but you can hear me valued during summer but despised in the winter what am i?what gets broken without being held?
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