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a building where people and stories are on stage

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The answer is: theatre
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a colorful cuisine without fleshwhat has one foot but no body?what breaks in the water but never on land?if you drive on this pedestrians and the police will be pretty upset with youfi4lmi am a word with six letters subtract 1 of these letters and you have 12 what am i?what invention lets you look right through a wall?what has to be broken before it can be used?used to keep prisoners silent and to make temporary repairs on carshandbag purse sack backpackmy first is to be seen every day in the firmament; my second conquers kings and queens; and my whole is what i would offer to a friend in distressthis can be found under bridges and even on the internetmy first though water cures no thirst my next alone has soul and when he lives upon my first he then is called my wholei must be broken before you can use me what am i?thousands of these come together to make a digital imagei can travel the world without leaving my corner what am i?i produce wool and spit a lot what am i?i hatch without food what am i ??what fish came first?what is in your body for free the first and the second time but the third time you have to buy yourself?millions of these are crushed every morning to help people wake upi dig out tiny caves and store gold and silver in them i also build bridges of silver and make crowns of gold sooner or later everybody needs my help yet many people afraid to let me help them what am i ??what botox will do to your expressioni am flora not fauna i am foliage not trees i am shrubbery not grasswhat becomes whiter the dirtier it gets?dorothy had a severe disagreement with a woman of this magical persuasiona hand without flesh and nothing can i hold my grip cannot be used until i am sold what am i?a candy whose name is reminiscent of a small laughwhat is always coming but never arrives?what kind of cookie is a chocolate sandwich cookie with a creamy white filling?i am a box that holds black and white keys without locks yet they can unlock your soulwhat is yours but your friends use it more than you do?if you rub this there is a possibility of a magical fat man coming outa person who chews the ends of their fingerssoda soup trash tinwhat has only two words but thousands of letters?it can be used onstage or to express admiration what is it?a device for finding furniture in the darkyou have to travel far before you turn it over what is it?feared on the playground he steals your lunch money and distributes wedgiesi go up when the rain comes down what am i?possibly the word most commonly said before taking a siphas a strong attraction to belly buttonswhen the day after tomorrow is yesterday today will be as far from wednesday as today was from wednesday when the day before yesterday was tomorrow what is the day after this day?i am known for my natural tuxedo and marching what am i ??what is used by man tossed by trees everywhere but unseen?the line in your hairwhen set loose i fly away never so cursed as when i go astraya great mystery that the bold have been known to journey intowhat devours all and can kill a king destroy a town and crushes mountains down?
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