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the leaves are on the fruit, the fruit is on the leaves what is it?

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The answer is: pineapple
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i am pronounced as one letter written with three i come in blue black brown or grey reverse me and i read the same either way what am i?when asked how old she was suzie replied "in two years i will be twise as old as i was five years ago" how old is she?as soft as silk as white as milk as bitter as gall a thick green wall and a green coat covers me allkitten stiletto pump wedgeeach of these ends in a kettle full of precious metal and the double variety is quite awesomewhat has one hand longer than the other and goes on all day and nightwhat is round on both sides but high in the middle?without me where would you be? i am not your eyes but i help you see what am i?what has arms and legs but no head?remove six letters from this sequence to reveal a familiar english word - bsainxleatntearsyou will hear me again i will not appear until you call mea small paradise surrounded by dry heat some have wonderwallsmad bats and dogs carry thissurname of the pilot of the millennium falconwhat is easy to get into but hard to get out of?gumby and yoga instructors have this in commona word i know six letters it contains subtract just one and twelve remains what is it?who is the boy in the couple known as bennifer?a caribbean shape that makes ships disappeara little pool with two layers of wall around it one white and soft and the other dark and hard amidst a light brown grassy lawn with an outline of a green grassbefore google we actually had to physically look things up in this building full of knowledgethis old one runs forever but never moves at all he has not lungs nor throat but still a mighty roaring call what is it?what is round on both sides but high in the middle?i can be written i can be spoken i can be exposed i can be brokenwhere on earth do the ways always blow from the south?poorly behaved children often find themselves sitting in thesei save lives on the ground an din the air what am i?i go in hard i come out soft you blow me hard what am i?even if my life is taken eight still remaingold in a leather bag swinging on a tree money after honey in its time ills of a scurvy crew cured by the sea reason in its season but no rhymewhat do you call a rabbit with fleas?what cries without a voice flutters without wings and bites without a mouth?what is half of two plus twoit is the time in your life when you simultaneously know everything and nothing at an instancei am an odd number take away one letter and i become even what number am i?what has to be broken before it can be used?oh lord! i am not worthy! i bend my limbs to the ground i cry yet without a sound let me drink of waters deep and in silence i will weepcandy that allegedly tastes like refracted lighta hold leading in a hold leading out i connect to a cavern that is slimy throughoutbrown i am and much admired; many horses have i tried; tire a horse and worry a man; tell me this riddle if you canwhen the day after tomorrow is yesterday today will be as far from wednesday as today was from wednesday when the day before yesterday was tomorrow what is the day after this day?you saw me where i never was and where i could not be and yet within that very place my face you often seehold the tail while i fish for youonly two backbones and thousands of ribsa man walks out of a house that has four walls all facing north a bird walks past him what is it?what gets whiter the dirtier it gets?what is always coming but never really arrives?they cut doors in half and wear wooden shoesborn in the ocean and white as snow when i fall back to water i disappear without a trace what am i?this is the main ingredient in spaghetti and mac-n-cheese
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