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i fly through the air on small feathered wings, seeking out life and destroying all things

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if there are three cups of sugar and you take one away how many do you have?at night i come without being fetched by day i am lost without being stolenwhat becomes too young the longer it exists?i have an end but no beginning a home but no family a space without room i never speak but there is no word i cannot make what am i?i have arms but cannot carry a thing but wave at me and i wave back at you what am i?two horses swiftest traveling harnessed in a pair and grazing ever in places distant from themi am your mother’s brother’s only brother in law who am i?it is sometimes known to have silver liningsit is good for telling the future or racking up in a gamei start with an e end with an e and have a letter in me what am i?this patch of land stands alonewhat jumps when it walks and sits when it stands?if you ask someone for their "a/s/l" what is the "l" that you asking for?i am a word with six letters subtract 1 of these letters and you have 12 what am i?what bone has a sense of humor?i have two arms but fingers none i have two feet but cannot run i carry well but i have found i carry best with my feet off the ground what am i?what goes up and never comes down and affects people?the older they are the less wrinkles they havewhat word of five letters has only one left when two letters are removed?this food is made of grated potatos smashed together and fried in the form of a totserves as a go between in businesswhat becomes whiter the dirtier it gets?i have two bodies joined together as one when standing still i ran and ran what am i?what goes round and round the wood but never goes in to the wood?i am too much for one but not enough for two give me to a third and i am gone what am i?what type of bow can never be tied?i provide cover for games of footsie and tax-free wages what am i?i have a face two arms and two hands yet i can not move i count to twelve yet i can not speak i can still tell you something everydayits title means booka life or death skill for gunifghtersif life gets tough what do you have that you can always count on?i have legs but seldom walk; i backbite many but never talk; i seek places that can hide me because those that feed me cannot abide mewhat can you catch but not throw?translate: ne-wayzthese make grown men dance in end zonesthe time between daylight and darkness when blood drinkers like to come out what am i?what has thirteen hearts but no body or soul?two year-old children who throw tantrums get this nickname so did the tsar "ivan"if you say "zzz" in response to something what are you calling it?it is everything to someone and nothing to everyone else what is it?what does "btw" stand for?i am as simple as a circle worthless as a leader but when i follow a group their strength increases tenfold by myself i am practically nothing neither negative or positivethe more you have of it the less you see what is it?i am partly blind but can still see i have legs but use them only for sleeping? what am i?what does everyone have that goes up but never comes down?what kind of shoes can you make out of banana peels?my maker doesn’t want me my buyer doesn’t use me and my user will never see me what bird is always unhappy?it has a face and two hands but no arms or legs what is this?daily ritual of scraping a metal tool on the body
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