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my tines be long, my tines be short my tines end ere, my first report what am i?

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The answer is: lightning
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what do you call bread that has been browned in a small electric oven until it is crispy?glittering points that downward thrust sparkling spears that do not rust what is it?what can be heard and caught but never seen?what does man love more than life fear more than death or mortal strife what the poor have the rich require and what contented men desire what the miser spends and the spendthrift saves and all men carry to their gravesmy first is in riddle but not in little my second is in think but not in brink my third is in thyme but not in time my fourth is in mother but not in brother my last is in time but no t in climbwhat is always coming but never arrives?you use a knife to slice my head and weep beside me when i am deadthis would be a good place to find can-can girls and drunk cowboysi have a small hill with seven holes what am i ??i always have to work with something in my eye what am i?i live in the corn and my job is to deter free from pests your crops i assure what am i?when you take away the whole from me there is always some left what am i?has 4 lucky leavesi have a title and many pages i am a genteel of genteel descent i am a killer veteran of war i am a slave to my lord pledged to his service what am i ??a blue house is made of blue bricks a yellow house is made of yellow bricks what would a green house be made of?what word looks the same upside down and backwards?what can burn the eyes sting the mouth yet be consumed?low on cash? pick out items from this racki am a fruit with seed on the outside what am i?it is sometimes known to have silver liningsyou can tumble in it roll in it burn it animal eat it used to cover floors still used beyond stall doors freshens whatever it is placed on absorbs whatever is poured into itthis food is a thanksgiving tradition!crab lobster mussels clamsi have roots nobody sees i am taller than trees up up i go but i never grow what am i?until i am measured i am not known yet how you miss me when i have flownthe more you take the more you leave behind they vary in size what are they?what is bought by the yard and worn by the foot?as i walked along the path i saw something with four fingers an done thumb but it was not flesh fish bone or fowlfor most i am fast for others i am slow an obsession to all i make the world go what am i?i am enjoyed with a pot and some pointy sticks what am i ??a plant named after a light sourcei go in hard and dry i come out soft and sticky you can blow me"sk8er" means what?if you were to throw a white stone into the red sea what would it become?if i say "everything i tell you is a lie" am i telling you the truth or a lie?they put the heat in pop tartsi fly yet i have no wings i cry yet i have no eyes darkness follows me lower light i never see what am i?what makes my left hand my right?what smells the most in the kitchen?i fall from the sky but am not rain i like the cold and not the sun people like to eat me what am i?the warmer i am the fresher i ammy first is an insect; m second is a border; my whole puts the face in a tuneful disorderdirections from outer spacei go around a yard but does not move what am i ??over over over oversnowwhite was friendly with seven of themi lose my head in the morning and regain back it at night what am i ??i crawl on the earth and rise on a pillar what am i?held firmly in the hands like a sword it cuts deep bloodless strokes all then forward we leapoften held but never touched always wet but never rusts often bits but seldom bit to use it well you must have wit
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