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this greek dish is similar to a taco or pita sandwich in appearance it is made with a fatty meat in a taco shell shaped flatbread with tomatos, lettice and other veggies

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The answer is: gyro
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i stand up tall and made of steel with baguettes and garlic at my heel i love the colours red white and blue but obviously not as much as you i am a marvel for all to see though to some i am a monstrosity! what am i ??you can see nothing else when you look in my face i will look you in the eye and i will never liewhat is an aliens favourite sport?i get wet when drying i get dirty when wiping what am i?mr blue lives in the blue house mr pink lives in the pink house and mr brown lives in the brown house who lives in the white house?i am a tool for fairies what am i?what word in the english language is always spelled wrong?i scribble forms of the finest letter and repel elements of the harshest weather i am an arrow-aimer and a dust-breakerglittering points that downward thrust sparkling spears that never rustwonderi run around the city but i never move what am i ??it is the great nemesis of the lactose intoleranti have a head tail but no arms and legs what am i?a favored material among biker gangs and superheroesi belong to you but others use me more often than you do what am i?an arctic double breasted formal weari cannot hear or even see but sense light and sounds there may be sometimes i end up on a hook i can be combined with a bookby the way what never moves wears shoes sandals and boots but has no feet?it is something that is owned by old mcdonaldwhat begins with t ends with t and has t in it?what invention lets you look right through a wall?no matter how little or how much you use me you change me every monthvery helpful if you intend to go gently down a riverwhat instrument can make any sound and be heart but not touched or seen?keep doing me to avoid lens dryness what am i ??this man has an obsession with spinachgive it food and it will live give it water and it will dienever alive but practically extinct how we miss the letters pressing the ribbon of ink what is it?forcewhat is heavy forward but not backward?tear me off and scratch my head what once red is now black what am i?what screams when put in a pot of boiling water?if i turn my head you may go where you want but if i turn again you could stay and rot what am i?in a tunnel of darkness lies a beast of iron it can only attack when pulled back what is it?i am the ultimate killing machine used not once but twice i can be made by humans what am i ??how many months have 28 days?low on cash? pick out items from this rackwhat does it mean to "diss" someone?they are known for their natural tuxedos and marchingi have two arms but fingers none i have two feet but cannot run i carry well but i have found i carry best with my feet off the ground what am i?i carry my home on my back i am not rich but i leave silver in my track what am i?what has roots as nobody sees is taller than trees up up it goes and yet never grows?togetuchthis orange colored fruit gets its name from its colorshared between two; most often to woo; sometimes hot and sometimes cold; the beginning of us all young and oldknown to accessorize with feathers trumpets and harpstranslate: whatevshe has married many women but has never been married who is he?i can be cracked i can be made i can be told i can be playedthe more you take the more you leave behind
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