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though learning has fed me, i know not a letter; i live among the books, yet am never the better

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The answer is: bookworm
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this is something you carry while singingbuilt of metal or wood to divide it will make us good neighbors if you stay on your side what is it?what is deep within you never dies or gets worn out and only needs some fire from time to time?this food is a thanksgiving tradition!sometimes known to have silver liningswhat is seen in the water and in the sky? it is part of the rainbow and can be in your eyewhat is the saddest fruit?how many seconds are there in a year?i have seas without water i have forests without wood i have deserts without sand i have houses with no bricksmy first though water cures no thirst my next alone has soul and when he lives upon my first he then is called my whole what am i ??in a tunnel of darksness lies a beast of iron it can only attack when pulled back what is it?i fly but have no wings i cry but have no eyes i see the sky get dark and i see when the sun comes up what am i?the plant that is responsible for spreading a lot of gossipeven the oldest ones can be described as current but a little mainstreami am the building with the most number of stories what am i ??these minerals are vital to your healthi consist of several parts two slices of bread usually cheese and some kind of lunch meat what am i?what has a tongue but no mouth?what has no beginning end or middle?what does the second "l" in "lol" mean?timid or weak people are said to not have thesethis type of tempting cuisine is independent of utensils and usually tastes better than it soundsan arctic double breasted formal wearwhat seven-letter word has hundreds of letters in it?they have not flesh nor feathers nor scales nor bone yet they have fingers and thumbs of their owneveryone claims to know a way to stop these involuntary contractions none of them workhow many seconds are there in a year?both old people and owls are said to be possessing this traitrpgaewhat points the way without a hand it floats on water but exists on land?it stands on one leg with its heart in its heada popular afterlife location to send evil people what am i ??what does it mean to "p/u" something?my tines be long my tines be short my tines end ere my first report what am i?what force and strength cannot get through i with a gentle touch can do many in the street would stand were i not a friend at handif an egg came floating down the green river where did it come from?what stays on the ground but never gets dirty?greedy grumpy holiday haterthe more it dries the wetter it gets what is it?it is an insect and the first part of its name is the name of another insect what is it?these are crisp green and are found near deli sandwichesmy uses are changing but i still remain the same my interior is quiet and stories are my game what am i?one might hang a locket from thisi crushed on wendy darling what am i ??the original 49ers and opportunistic women share this nicknamewhat must be looked through in order to see?before mt everest was discovered as the highest mountain in the world which mountain was the highest?what is the largest living ant on earth?the more holes you cover the lower it goesi get wet when drying i get dirty when wiping what am i?
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