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i can be written, i can be spoken, i can be exposed, i can be broken

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The answer is: news
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these make grown men dance in end zonesin a tunnel of darkness lies a beast of iron it can only attack when pulled back what is it?what runs but cannot walk?whoever makes it tells it not whoever takes it knows it not whoever knows it wants it not what am i ??what can be heard and caught but never seen?they transfer oxygen from the atmosphere into bloodbefore mt everest was discovered as the highest mountain in the world which mountain was the highest?what word has kst in the middle in the beginning and at the end?what does the "o" in "og" stand for?translate: b4both old people and owls are said to be possessing this traitthis would be a good place to find can-can girls and drunk cowboyswhat type of cheese is made backwards?handy when you need to measure something or run a kingdomkings and queens have power; the jack and jester they call but what is the trump who overtakes them all?this food is made of grated potatos smashed together and fried in the form of a toti was carried into a dark room and set on fire i wept and then my head was cut off what am i?a defendant will go free if a reasonable amount of this existstax rates and oil prices occasionally take these nature strollsdefine: rawi hide but my head is outside what am i?elephant clown tent trapezethere is a word in the english language the two first letters signify a male the three first a female the four first a great man and the whole a great womanroller tray tarp ladderthough my beauty is becoming i can hurt you just the same; i come in many colors; i am what i am by any other namea stylish winter top that covers your larynxtranslate: icyou hear it speak for it has a hard tongue but it cannot breathe for it has not a lungwhat can fill a room but takes up no space?those without much of an appetite will leave the restaurant with this item named after a petwhat begins with t ends with t and has t in it?casper was a friendly one and demi moore made a clay pot with onewhat has 4 eyes but cannot see?a natural tattoo on babiesyou cannot keep me until you have given me what am i?if rabbits do this to carrots jason mraz does this to ears what is this?i am a word i become longer when the third letter is removed what am i?i run distances often making many turns yet i never move one foot what am i?prior to smart phones people used this to record their livesyou are owed one of these when someone wrongs youwhat can you catch but not throw?i am very afraid of doing scary activities what am i ??what kind of coat can be put on only when wet?which letter of the alphabet has the most water?i am where the sky is orange i am where the glass is red i am the land of violet bananas and the home to blue orangestoo much for one enough for two and nothing at all for threea shower that lights up the skyi am known for my natural tuxedo and marching what am i?bs ms phd md ddsthis company makes billions of dollars selling windows
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