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until i am measured, i am not known yet how you miss me when i have flown! what am i?

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The answer is: time
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poorly behaved children often find themselves sitting in thesea doctor might remove one from the neck of a dracula victimserves as a go between in businessi am a mountain at night meadow at day what am i?he has married many women but has never marriedbrings the sky a lot closerhow a big hibernating mammal would show affectionthe offspring of circle and a rectanglei am a mini solar powered computer what am i ??spies and detectives do this to phones and musical shoes make this soundthough blind as well can lead the blind wella path between high natural masses; remove the first letter to get a path between man-made masseswhat can go up a chimney down but cannot go down a chimney up?no matter how little or how much you use me you change me every montha king without a crownwhat is easy to get into but hard to get out of?if two is company and three is a crowd what are four and five?what comes from an egg and peels like a fruit? it can sizzle like bacon and slender to bootwhat can you add to a bucket full of water to make it lighter?i can be sweet or sour i do not rhyme with any other word what am i?probably the most laid-back member of the animal kingdomone of the few activities that involves bowling pins flying through the airi am soldier and i really hate one month which month i am talking about?they can be long or short; they can be grown or bought; they can be painted or left bare; they can be round or squaretaken from a mine and then locked up in a wooden case never released but used by students everyday what am i?it is everything to someone and nothing to everyone else what is it?mountains will crumble and temples will fall and no man can survive its endless call what is it?slippery slithery lubricious slickmost people love to use me you make me glide through the air even your dog loves me what am i?holding two swords and eight spears dressed in a cow-leather tunic he peeks through a hole in the doorlarge as a mountain small as a pea endlessly swimming in a waterless seai fly but have no wings i cry but have no eyes i see the sky get dark and i see when the sun comes up what am i?what has a neck but no head?mary + marythe time in your life when you simultaneously know everything and nothingwhich vehicle is spelled the same forwards and backwards?fatherless and motherless born without sin roared when it came into the world and never spoke againa popular hip hop artist goes by the vanilla version of this substancewhat has armor but is not a knight snaps but is not a twig and is always at home even on the move?i am the killer of trees but people need me i can be blown away by a breeze and i have been here since ancient greece what am i?i have legs but never walk i may have flowers but no soil i hold food but never eatwhat is light enough to float but will stay in a pack and may save your life if its on your back?each of these ends in a kettle full of precious metal and the double variety is quite awesomebadonkadonkmy teeth are sharp my back is straight to cut things up it is my fatei am the fountain from which no one can drink for many i am considered a necessary link like gold to all i am sought for but my continued death brings wealth for all to want morethis thing runs but cannot walk sometimes sings but never talks lacks arms has hands; lacks a head but has a facei am brown and sticky what am i ??i am a lunch money thief what am i?these are small chicken drumsticks fried and sometimes coated in buffalo hot sauce
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