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who spends the day at the window, goes to the table for meals and hides at night?

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The answer is: fly
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i twist and turn and leaves a loop what am i?i can be as thin as a picture frame but my insides have many things you can see what am i?the more you take the more you leave behind they vary in size what are they?according to hollywood the men of this ancient city wore leather speedos and waxed their chestsbrown i am and much admired; many horses have i tried; tire a horse and worry a man; tell me this riddle if you canhas no feet but travels far is literate but not a scholar has no mouth yet clearly speaksoften held but never touched always wet but never rusts often bits but seldom bit to use it well you must have witblack within and red without with four corners round abouti begin your sentences what am i ??face with a tree skin like the sea a great beast i am yet vermin frightens me what am i ??i turn around once what is out will not get in i turn around again what is in will not get outi have a face but no eyes hands but no arms what am i?grapes bottle cask fermenttickle with your fingers and a song it will sing be careful though you may break a string what is it?a defendant will go free if a reasonable amount of this existsyou cannot keep me until you have given me what am i?known to be accessorized with feathers trumpets and harpsat first i am a yellow weed in the lawn and then the wind blows and my white feathers are gone what am i?i am wingless but airborne and when i meet your gaze tears will fall from your eyes what am i?i jump when i walk and i sit where i stand what am i?can be done to button and shopping cartssleep-inducing melodywhat kind of tree can you carry in your hand?where is the ocean deepest?i hide but my head is outside"noob" is __ to a game or skillwhat flies when it born lies while it is alive and runs when it dies? i start new then become old start clean but be one dirty i usually start big then become little what am i?a house of wood in a hidden place built without nails or glue high above the earthen ground it holds pale gems of bluethirty men and ladies two gathered for a festive do; dressed quite formal black and white: soon movement turned to nasty fightin many hall ways you would stand if not with me in hand what am i ??what measures out time until in time all is smashed to it?makei am the word that has three syllables and twenty six letters what am i ??what is it that you will break even when you name it?i am a house with two occupants sometimes one rarely three break the walls eat the boarders then throw away me what am i ??my first is in wield sever bones and marrow my second is in blade forged in cold steel my third is an arbalest and also in arrows my fourth is in power plunged through a shield my fifth is in honor and also in vows my last will put an end to it alla great mysterious place that the bold have been known to journey intowhat is between heaven and earth?my first is in blood and also in battle my second is in acorn oak and apple my third and fourth are both the same in the center of sorrow and twice in refrain my fifth starts eternity ending here my last is the first of last oh dear!what i am filled i can point the way when i am empty nothing moves me i have two skins one without and one withinwhat word starts with "e" ends with "e" but only has one letter? it is not the letter "e"one time every year there is a very special day little have the same everyone party a different wayi am alive without breath and cold as death i am never thirsty but always drinking what am i?i warn you about meetings and i assist you in your life i can help you do most of your work unless i have a bugwho works when he plays and plays when he works?what do the cool kids call brag pitt and angelina jolie?this is the known hairdo for nascar fansjackwhat goes through a door but never goes in and never comes out?
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