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it has no top or bottom, but it can hold flesh, bones, and blood all at the same time

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The answer is: ring
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as strong as love more dangerous than canceri only exist when you are here where you never were i can never be what am i?what always runs but never walks often murmurs never talks has a bed but never sleeps has a mouth but never eats?securing your documents is easy with these trusty metal objectsi build up castles i tear down mountains i make some men blind i help others to seei have married many women but i am not married who am i?what is the delicious way of presenting numbers?i have a head tail but no arms and legs what am i?what does the "b" at the end of "brb" stand for?you use a knife to slice my head and weep beside me when i am deadwhat force and strength cannot get through i with my unique teeth can do what am i?what do you get if you milk a cow after an earthquake?i know a word of letters three add two and fewer there will bei cover what is real and hide what is true but sometimes i bring out the courage in youmobsters judge the quality of a vehicle by the size of thisthe most popular itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot varietyi am the kind of dog that chases anything red what am i ??it flows out of the soil it burns you if it boils and holds us in its coils more valuable than gold as black as it is oldwhat is harder to catch the faster you run?what is pronounced like one letter written with three letters and belongs to all animals?i stand in one place yet i fill a whole room i can be filled with molten rock and come in every hue what am i ??a little house full of meat no door to go in and eatmary + marywhat goes up when rain comes down?i fly in the air without engines and am controlled by man on the ground what am i?it is something you will never see againi am an english word that is as long as i am valued what am i ??what is that over the head and under the hat?i am a seed with three letters in my name take away the last two and i still sound the same what am i?you use a knife to slice my head and weep beside me when i am deada prehistoric reptile that lives today and the inspiration for the name of a popular sports drinklives in winter dies in summer and grows with its root upwardsi will not be what i am until the man who made me dies what am i?when i get closer my tail grows longer but when i go away my tail leads the way what am i ??what is a "gf"?i cannot be felt or moved but as you come closer i get more distant what am iwhen a doctor hits you with a hammer he is testing you thiswhat botox will do to your expressioni am killer of trees but people need me i can be blown away by a breeze and i have been here since ancient greecewith three eyes and as black as night i frequently knock down ten men with a single strike! what am i?if you happen to possess two left feet this profession will probably rule out of your prospectsi fasten it and it walks i unfasten it and it stops what is it?the weapon of choice to create the biggest shocki have a head and a tail exactly the same sizedirections from outer spacea pet who lived in a town where an inordinate number of children fell down wellswithout me where would you be? i am not your eyes but i help you see what am i?what has one eye but cannot see?you see me a lot especially at night i protect something special many shut me in fright what am i?i am the ultimate killing machine used not once but twice i can be made by humans what am i?
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