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what has a head and a tail, but can never see its tail?

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The answer is: coin
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i am pronounced as one letter written with three i come in blue black brown or grey reverse me and i read the same either way what am i?water dwelling mammal known for its work ethici am put on a table cut but never eatenit is able to speak because it has a hard gone you know what it is as soon as it has sung what is it?i view the world in little space am always changing place; no food i eat but by my power procure what millions do devouri have seas without water i have forests without wood i have deserts without sand i have houses with no bricksdo this to your gifts to make them festivewhose big belly supposedly has the ability to dispense good fortune?delicious but said to be a liewhat has wings but can not fly is enclosed but can outside also lie can open itself up or close itself away is the place of kings and queens and doggerel of every means what is it upon which i stand? which can lead us to different landsi go up and down at the same time up towards to sky and down towards the ground what am i?this baked dish consists of an open-topped pastry case with a savory or sweet fillingretired people want these to be large and birds want them to hatchi am all around yet to me you are half blind sunlight makes me invisible and difficult to find what am i ??its title means bookthis man has an obsession with spinachblind but crueldifferent lights do make me strange thus into different sizes i will changeu always follow me but i am rarely seen what am i ??garment roller handbag chestif i say i need to go to the "can" where am i going?kings and queens have power; the jack and jester they call but what is the trump who overtakes them all?what is red blue purple and green that no one can reach not even the queen?i am everywhere i am inside you i surround you i can be seen by you i can kill you yet you play in me what am i?i smell like blue paint pours like green paint and i look like a red truck what am i ??these are great floaty fun until they explode and give you a little scarewhat has two spines and a lot of ribs and carries much but never moves?what comes down but never goes up?you heard me before yet you hear me again then i die until you call me againit is where everyone wants to run home and stealing is encouragedthey are producers of pies and burgers and are great for tippinga beverage named after a stick also combats the stains of another beveragea blue house is made of blue bricks a yellow house is made of yellow bricks what would a green house be made of?long ago dragons are believed to do this to their goldas strong as love more dangerous than cancerit is everything to someone and nothing to everyone else what is it?i march before armies a thousand salute me my fall can bring victory but no one would shoot me the wind is my lover one-legged am i name me and see me at home in the skyi begin and have no end eventually i will be the ending of all that has begun what am i?those ambitious people will climb the social version of this contraption what is this?it rows quickly with four oars but never comes out from under his own roof what is it?a house has 4 walls all of the walls are facing south and a bear is circling the house what color is the bear?what is that you will break everytime you name it?i spend most of my day eating white when i am quick enough i get rewarded with fruit and somethings blue in a dark room with blue walls i run from the ghost that roam the halls what am i?if you ask someone for their "a/s/l" what is the "l" that you asking for?what is so delicate that saying its name breaks it?a section of the calendar dedicated to mother naturethe time in your life when you simultaneously know everything and nothingplant whose name sounds like a dish full of dairy spreadof these things – i have two one for me – and one for you and when you ask about the price i simply smile and nod twice what am i ??what does "some1? mean?
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