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i am found by the ocean and offer you a bed whether you want me or not to your house i am led?a snake that binds without a head a snake of fiber no need to dread what am i?what do elves do after school?this mother comes from a family of eight supports her children in spite of their weight turns around without being called has held you since the time you crawledthe preferred color of carpet in this town is redhow do you feel if you text someone this /my rings are not worth much but they do tell my age what am i?i am the ultimate killing machine used not once but twice i can be made by humans what am i ??what flies forever rests never?i am very important but often overlooked what am i?causes the involuntary transportation of your vehicleone of the best things you can hope for after whacking a ball with a sticksqueeze it and it cries tears as red as its flesh but its heart is made of stonethis man has an obsession with spinachwhat is it that makes tears without sorrow and takes its journey to heaven?remove six letters from this sequence to reveal a familiar english word - bsainxleatntearshow can the letters owonder be rearranged to make one word?what does "plz" mean?dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty dirtycold head and feet; round as a ball; always turning around itselfthose without much of an appetite will leave the restaurant with this item named after a petwhat force and strength cannot get through i with my unique teeth can do what am i?a skin have i more eyes than one i can be very nice when i am done what am i?give me food and i will live; give me water and i will die what am i?if you rub this there is a possibility of a magical fat man coming outyou get one if you miss one at golfthere is an ancient invention still used in some parts of the world today that allows people to see through wallsthere are four of us but it seems like everyone loves spades the most what am i ??who works when he plays and plays when he works?i go in hard i come out soft you blow me hard what am i?carnival beaches caipirinha sambatranslate: lili can run but not walk wherever i go thought follows close behind what am i?i am an insect half of my name is another insect i am similar to the name of a famous band what am i?what eight letter word has kst in middle in the beginning and at the end?what animal keeps the best time?the thinkers usually hold this body partwhat has two spines and a lot of ribs and carries much but never moves?you saw me where i could not be yet often you see me what am i?found at the end of rainbowswhat is probably the most famous dinner party in history?what type of house weighs the least?both peaches and a certain couture have this in commonin a tunnel of darkness lies a beast of iron it can only attack when pulled back what is it?warns of deflating tires and serpentsthe beginning of eternity the end of time and space the beginning of every end the end of every placei am nothing really at all yet i am easily found; ignore me at your own peril and you might end up crowned!cute cuddly canine childreni go around in circles but always straight ahead never complain no matter where i am led what am i?what holds water yet is full of holes?
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